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  1. I am a polynomial

    Nobody had ever called me by my real name until college. It's easy to see why; I didn't have a real name until then. At the time, I didn't even really realize I was being called by my real name. But by the time I graduated, I ...

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  2. Where the name (and flag) came from

    embolalia /ˌɛmboʊˈlɑːliːʌ/ n. - automatic speech; verbalization that occurs without conscious effort by the individual, such as repetitions and filler words

    People occasionally ask where the name Embolalia came from. Occasionally, someone recognizes the word, defined above. But why did I pick this obscure word as the username I use nearly ...

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  3. Markdown in Docstrings (finally)

    Willie has been mixing Markdown and ReStructuredText in its documentation for some time. I found it was easier to use Markdown for the automatically generated wiki pages than to use ReST (although, really, Markdown is just about always easier to use than ReST), so all the modules used Markdown in ...

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  4. Coinage Reform

    I celebrated my birthday today (it was a week ago, but for reasons I won't go in to I celebrated it today), and among the presents my mother gave me was a not insignificant number of US $1 coins. This likely seems like a strange gift to many of ...

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